Cosmetic tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos enhance or reshape eyebrows, lash lines and lips. It is done manually, using a machine, or a combination of both. Whichever method, cosmetic tattoos are always tailored to your perfect shape.



Eyebrow tattoos can reconstruct the brows, add definition, fill in over-plucked brows or gaps, increase the height of the arch and lengthen the natural brow. Eyes n’ Shine beauty offers microblading, powder brows and combination brows.


Eyeliner tattoos enhance your natural lash line. Unlike makeup, your eyeliner is completely smudge-proof. It can be as natural or dramatic as you like, or used just to fill in sparse eyelashes. This procedure is ideal for eyes that water easily or have allergies to makeup.


Lip liner tattoos balance the shape of your lips by re-contouring the vermillion border. Lift your complexion with a subtle flush of colour, add volume and fullness, and restore youthful definition to an asymmetrical or thinning lip


Eyes n’ Shine Beauty offers saline cosmetic tattoo removal for a gentle and effective result.

Brow tattoo


Microblading is the process of individually drawing hair strokes in the direction of existing hair to mimic natural brow hairs to achieve your desired shape and fullness. Hyper-realistic hair strokes are created by a very shallow scratch on the surface of the skin. Microblading requires the precise implanting of pigment, so for retention purposes, it is not recommended for fragile or oily skin.

  • Individual hair strokes
  • Suitable for normal/ dry skin

Powder brows

Powder brows provide a gentle base colour for shading beneath your hair. The finish is soft and designed to look like brow powder. Powder brows can be a wash of all-over colour or shaded in an ombre effect to define the arch and tails.

  • Soft shade of colour
  • Suitable for all skin types


Combination brows combine hyper-realistic strokes with a powder technique that is softly shaded between hair strokes and increased definition toward the spine of the brow.

  • Most dimensional
  • Great for adding density

Numbing gel

Numbing gel is applied throughout cosmetic tattoos to ensure your maximum comfort. Under the Controlled Substance Act 1984, local anaesthetic for cosmetic tattoos in Australia must be supplied by a compounding pharmacist.

Eyes n’ Shine Beauty has partnered with local compounding pharmacist, Jeff Ramsey Compounding Pharmacy in North Adelaide. Once you’ve booked your appointment, arrange your numbing gel by following the steps below:

  1. Call Jeff Ramsey Compounding Pharmacy on 8267 5457
  2. Request numbing gel (approximately $15-20) for a cosmetic tattoo by Jennifer from Eyes n’ Shine Beauty
  3. Collect your numbing gel prior to your appointment

Simply bring your numbing gel with you on the day of your appointment. The numbing gel must be prescribed to the client.

Preparation and aftercare


The right preparation will lead to a more desirable result and comfortable treatment.

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Aftercare treatment is imperative to a beautiful final result. It is also explained at each appointment.

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I have had both eyebrow and eyeline tattooing with Jennifer. I am so happy with both and have no hesitation in recommending her.

I have had my eyeline done twice previously and even though they were with prestigious salons and people, Jennifer is much better. She is a perfectionist in the best sens and makes sure you are 100% happy at every stage so you know what you’re getting. And she’s a lovely person too!

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Tania Cudmore

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer today! After many years of having hardly any eyebrows, I now have an amazing set. Not only was Jennifer professional, she does an amazing job and an absolute perfectionist. Can’t wait to have brows touched up and some eyeliner applied. Highly recommend.

Sonya Raymount

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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